Thursday, December 22, 2011

Divergent Book Club Review

I had such a GREAT time at book club. A good book and great friends makes for some of my favorite nights and memories. Here's a brief picture review of the evening.

I set up a choosing ceremony, surrounded by a dinner of hamburgers to honor Tris' frist dinner as Dauntless.

Along with faction symbol tattoos, I also had raven tattoos and fear landscape syrum in case anyone wanted to face their fears during the night.

After dinner, I had a quiz for everyone. Daphne was the winner. She won a Divergent key chain, raven tattoos, and some red hot candies in case she was feeling dauntless.

I also had a gift bag for everyone: a CD with the Divergent playlist, a crow to represent facing our own fears, a bookmark with their faction manifesto, some faction symbol tattoos, and a syringe of fear landscape syrum to try out their fears at home.

* Information about January's book club soon to come.


  1. OHEmgee that so cool I love that book! I got sad when I finished it though.

  2. Awesome!! Where did you get the faction tattoos??

    1. sorry for missing your comment for a couple months! I actually got them from Veronica Roth. :) I e-mailed her and told her about my book club. She then put me in touch with her publisher and agent and they both sent me tattoos. I seriously still have a huge stack of them because they sent me so many. :)

  3. I am getting ready to host a book club meeting for divergent (and I hope that next month we'll read insurgent and the fooeing month we'll read allegiant!)... I love the faction bowls, I'm going to copy you... And maybe with the fear landscape serum, too! Maybe I'll contact her or look on eBay for some tattoos!!! Thanks for your ideas